↳ ❝ "do not enter" is written on the doorway. why can't everyone just go away? except you. you can stay. ¡! ❞

ㅤ❝ likes ❞ㅤ writing, instant noodles, strawberries, soft colors, art

ㅤ❝ dislikes ❞ㅤ needles, salsa, sudden loud noises, being itchy

i am a minor and a bit on the younger side. i would also appreciate if you use tone tags.

i am not comfortable talking with anyone homophobic, transphobic, racist or anyone 18+

ㅤ❝ fandoms ❞ㅤ fnaf, the owl house, gravity falls, sonic, ninjago, tpn, hxh, camp camp

ㅤ❝ music ❞ㅤ mitski, melanie martinez, jack stauber, marina and the diamonds

ㅤ❝ friends ❞ㅤ jemiart, bee, annie, tsuki, red, and ray

ㅤ❝ extra facts ❞ㅤ i love doing art and writing! I may not be the best at it, but i try :)

↳ ❝ ivjnsl on youtube is the original creator of this carrd layout. i followed her tutorial and made this with slght alterations. ¡! ❞